Toddler Bubble Gun

  •  2 PCS Upgraded Bubble Machine - Includes two bubble guns and different bubble attachments, one makes small bubbles and the other makes large and small bubbles, put the small bubbles inside of the large. A very cool set of bubble machines. It’s battery operated for 2 AA batteries (Not Included) to make it work.
  • Handheld & Easy To Carry - Your baby can use our bubble gun to produce a lot of beautiful bubbles while running. Sized at 6 * 5 inches, lightweight and suitable for children to carry around and store. Compared with traditional standing bubble machine, handheld bubble guns are more fun and interesting.
  • More Bubbles & Silent - We configure two bubble trays. The bubble gun needs to be dipped into the tray containing the bubble liquid, and then press the switch to produce a lot of bubbles. In this way, the bubble gun can be more completely dipped into the bubble liquid. A lot of bubbles are produced, and the bubbles are very neat and tidy. Very pleasantly surprised!
  • Easy To Use - Just install the bubble attachments on the bubble machine, dip the bubble machine into a tray with bubble liquid, and then press the switch to produce a lot of bubbles. For the production of bubble liquid, just add the dish soap and water to the bottle in the ratio of 1:5, then stir evenly and let it stand until the bubbles disappear.
  • Safety - The bubble blower is made of non-toxic ABS material, and the fan blades are made of soft sponge material, which is very safe and specially designed for children. You can even remove the bubble attachment and turn it into a simple fan to dissipate heat in summer.

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