Boxing Speed Ball



01 / safe training: you can fight with bare hands without hurting your hands or hurting your hands; you can use it on your face without any protective measures, without hurting your face.

02 / excellent quality ① polyurethane foam is a kind of polymer material, which is widely used in many fields of national economy due to its excellent performance. Our boxing ball is made of PU foam material, soft solid structure, free of inflation, good impact effect of extrusion, very durable. 2. The 2.9 meter elastic rubber cord is made of high quality elastic rubber cord. It has no environmental smell, anti-aging, high elasticity and good resistance. The quality is excellent.

03 / strong adaptability ① the speed can be adjusted by adjusting the tension of the elastic rubber rope, so as to adjust the reaction speed of the boxing ball, and adjust the reaction effect of the boxing ball according to its own needs, which is flexible and changeable. For example, it can be used in many places, such as home, gym, fight place and outdoors. ① vacuum suction cup can be selected as the product type: it is convenient to carry, suitable for home training, and the bottom of the base is better fixed, suitable for professional boxing training.

04 / the product is light and small in size, easy to carry and can be installed in a short time without taking up too much space

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